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Stopping At Words

March 18, 2009

It’s incredible how much support there is for Texas to secede from the United States.

Every single person that I have asked “What do you think about Texas seceding from the Union?” replies with an over zealously supportive answer.  It’s usually “I’m behind that 110%!” or “Oh Yeah!  I would love that!”  If you just google the words “Texas secede,” you will find comments from people all over the nation who even say that they would move here in a heartbeat if Texas seceded.  Here is a few comments I just found:

“If Texas did secede, everyone I know would move there, and Texas would quickly become the richest country in the world. The U.S. no longer embraces Enlightenment values, and if the Republic of Texas did…..”

“The time has come to seriously consider options. If this could be done peacefully and correctly I believe there would be a groundswell of support. The only problem I see is all the people moving into Texas from other states.”

“As a native born Texan I would whole-heartily vote for secession.
I am finally returning to where I consider home after a 33 year exile here in Alaska.  If Texas secedes Alaska will not be far behind.”

Not only in Texas, but apparently all over the country, there are MANY people in favor of Texas seceding from the Union.  The question is this: Are we just going to talk about how it’s a great idea or are we going to do something about it?  Do we merely stop at words?  Time will answer this question for us.  Remember this – with everything you do in life; if you don’t make a decision, then one will be made for you.

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